A Collaborative consulting by LinksLabs entails a customized action plan to cater to the specific challenge. We create the optimal environment for co-creation between relevant members of our network, which is Europe’s largest Wharton and INSEAD network, consisting of over 1000 top executives. The inspiration and the analysis processes are thus obtained from the brightest and most competent executives and managers.

To properly interpret and address a challenge, it must be dealt with from multiple approaches. The singular person or organization rarely has the capacity to take all approaches to a problem, unfortunately meaning they will fail to consider all solutions. Thus, Linkslabs ensures participants in our collaborative consulting sessions come from a wide range of cultures, countries and sectors. Diversity helps ensure distinct critical thinking from all parties.

All involved parties collaborate, work in confidentiality and trust and contribute with their personal experiences, professional companies and alliances. We guarantee an efficient process with sustainable payoff.

There are no bad scenarios – only bad strategies.
Paul Schoemaker, The Wharton School.

LinKS offers to facilitate strategy workshops based on the theory of Scenario Planning. Scenarios present a cone of possible futures, from which you can create an adaptable strategy, and is a strategy tool for you to navigate in the uncertainty of the future.

The scenarios…

  • Bound the realm of the future possibilities
  • Depict how multiple forces can shape diverse futures
  • Draw attention to possibilities we may otherwise not consider
  • Create “memories of the future”, allowing us to recognise weak signals sooner as the future unfolds


Futures-Cone-1LinKS is able to facilitate the process of building the scenarios for your organisation. The process will be tailor made to your needs and wishes.



The LinKS Advisory Delivery Process

LinKS Advice designs, orchestrates and realises strategic mandates for both private businesses and public organisations within leadership, innovation, organisational development and business strategy development.

We DESIGN by …

  • Co-designing the strategic scope and defining the range of focus with the client
  • Analyzing and creating intelligence to challenge the dominant logic of the client’s business perspectives


  • Mapping clients’ business eco-system
  • Consulting LinKS Alumni CEOs
  • Blue printing business mandates


  • Individual and group coaching and follow up sessions to ensure implementation capacity among leaders and management teams