Executive Mentoring & Coaching

LinKS Executive Mentoring and Coaching serves two purposes

  • To support leaders in their need for customized leadership development
  • To optimize the learning experience and outcome on all our Wharton Business School leadership programs for each participant in an efficient way.


  • Through exerts in the business fields you are in or their disciplines. Often LinKS Alumni. Always in trust.The LinKS Alumni network is global and local in the sense that we can find the best inspiration and advice you need – one link away from you.
  • Through professional world class coaches – all globally educated from the worlds’ leading certifying institutions within the discipline of coaching.

WHAT: Typical issues and challenges

  • Be the leader now that you aspire to be in the future
  • Challenge yourself to the degree where you can lead the transformation of your industry
  • Become more skilled at being a power player and win your battles elegantly
  • Believe more deeply in yourself as a leader and step up to your next level of impact
  • Develop optimal creative synergy between CEO and Chairperson/Board of non-executive directors
  • Get your team to seriously take charge and perform brilliantly
  • Discover your next quantum leap in your career and manifest it
  • Claim a more innovative mindset as a leader

How does it work?

LinKS Executive Mentoring and Coaching is performed individually or in groups – by telephone or real meetings and workshops.

Learn more by contacting info@linkslabs.com