During 2015-16 LinKS has lead the development and execution of two models of an internal executive educational program for the Danish Presidents of Court arranged by The Courts of Denmark and designed in co-creation with LinKS@Wharton Alumni.

Leadership of the Danish Courts is marked by an exquisite professional standard and pride. The intention of LinKS’ involvement in the executive educational program has been to perspective, inspire and challenge the strategic leadership role and scope of the Presidents of Courts.

By the design and facilitation of LinKS, the Presidents of Courts have been inspired and their ways of functioning as both judges and leaders of their courts have challenged and been put into perspective.

As an interactional key element of the program, LinKS designed and facilitated a number of researched and tailored role plays in collaboration with Emmet Feigenberg, stage director, advisor, and former stage director of the Royal Danish Theatre. The role plays focused on the Presidents of Court’s every day dilemmas as leaders and additionally focused on the Court’s leadership ambition with the intention of underlining and challenging the Presidents’ leadership strategies.

During the modules, the presidents have worked with 6 different challenges with relevance for the optimisation of their work and leadership skills and the presentation of their conclusion constitute a milestone in the development of their work as judges and strategic leaders.