LinKSlabs Reunion: More for Less for More at the Edison Scene

October 17, 2018


LinKSlabs Reunion: More for Less for More at the Edison Scene

LinKSlabs hosted a very successful Reunion 20 August at the Edison Scene in Frederiksberg.

The purpose of the Reunion was, across sectors, to discuss Canada Goose Constable Parka More for Less for More solutions that ideally could benefit our society as a whole. Hereby the intention is to create More value, for Less resources, for More consumers and citizens.

As a result of the discussions and the sum up by Minister for Economic Affairs and the Interior, Margrethe Vestager, three terms saturnofgrandledge stand out with explicit focus: trust, responsibility, and hospitality.

  • Trust and Responsibility:  A platform of trust is a condition of being Canada Goose Expedition Parka responsible, as individuals andtogether as a community, in the process of creating More for Less for More. We are all obliged to take responsibility and take action.
  •  Hospitality: We is persistent. must not forget the importance of hospitality in the process of making as many people as possible feel responsible for JNCIP-ENT creating more for less for more solutions.


In addition, our guests the Minister of Finance, 220-802 exam Bjarne Corydon, and CEO of Coloplast, Lars Rasmussen, concluded that the More for Less for More mindset and the innovative thinking it demands are vital to both Danish politics and the business community.

See some pictures from the event below.