LinKSlabs Reunion Nov 29 – Constructive News

October 17, 2018


LinKSlabs Reunion Nov 29 – Constructive News

LinKSlabs, Ulrik Haagerup & Maria Rørbye Rønn, invites you to:
LinKS Reunion on Constructive News

Special guest is Minister of Culture, Uffe Elbæk

You know the drill: the journalist keeps asking you questions to find the weak spots – and you thought you had a message to deliver. You keep defending yourself by answering other questions and the conversation turns out like a bit of a fight. This scene is seen everyday in news all over the world.

The consequense: Unconstructive interviews with little meaning, progress or point. Or revelation of the necessary weak points? What is your opinion and what will be your experience when on the spot? Be prepared…

Orchestrated by Ulrik Haagerup, DR, top executives and societal influencers have been co-creating a book on Constructive News. The book was released October 17 with the purpose of changing the stream of news.

The Media and You
Being among the most influential people in our society, we believe online casinos pellen zijn vaak meer populair dan de spellen in een normaal casino . it is important that you support and progressively involve yourself in this new opportunity for your company. The fact is that being CEO, Chairman, or alike now a day, implies that you have to be visible in the media to take care of your corporate branding, and that you have to involve in the societal challenges we are facing, makes this agenda even more relevant for you.

On beforehand, DR and the Minister will provide us some challenges to be solved on the day. As usual, we know you will all deliver great insights. Some of the questions already arising are:

  • What will you need to master as a top executive to contribute to the more constructive news?
  • How do you and your organization contribute to constructive news?
  • Has any journalist actually heard about this yet? Or will we be ‘shaken and fried’ when we show up in the studio?

We are looking forward to see all of you!

When: November 29, 15.00 – 17.30
Where: DR, DR Koncerthuset
Sign up: Write to Signe Bjørg Jensen, or sign up here.

Deadline for signing up: Monday November 19