LinKSlabs @Lamborghini

October 18, 2018


LinKSlabs @Lamborghini

Venue: Lamborghini, Sant’Agata, Italy 2010 – 2016

The overall purpose for the LinKS@Lamborghini Global Reunion was to seek inspiration on how to redesign and open up business processes for global inspiration and alliances, thereby orchestrating the Lamborghini business in new ways for future competitive positioning.

The challenges of Lamborghini played out in an open innovation setting were:

  • How to bring inspiration and collect ideas to be transformed into real solutions?
  • Lamborghini has a strong competitive edge in carbon fiber production; how can this technical competence be applied to adjacent products and businesses?
  • Lamborghini has a significant share of costs dedicated to R&D. How can a lean and open development process apply to Lamborghini’s R&D?
  • How can Lamborghini efficiently study new approaches and organise this by looking forward?
  • How to challenge The Lamborghini design processes on the principle of co-creation as a scenario for the future?
  • The Lamborghini heritage implies not only great economic value, but also cultural and tribal alliances; how may this powerful source of heritage apply to future new ways of opening up business processes for innovation?