LinKSlabs @Wharton – A decade of success

October 18, 2018


LinKSlabs @Wharton – A decade of success

LinKS@Wharton top executive programmes haven taken place for more than a decade and brought together Scandinavian C-suite executives and board members from public, private, and political sectors. A five day top executive program held in Washington DC and at the Wharton School of Philadelphia. The program’s main themes were governance and strategy, challenging governance, and creating dynamic strategies.

During the first day of LinKS@Wharton, our group of participants visited the Danish Embassy in Washington D.C., where they were greeted by Ambassador Lars Lose, now our new CEO of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our honorary guests of the Washington day was many, such as Shelly Porges, Entrepreneurs for Hillary, Secretary Cohen, etc.

The following 4 days were spent at The Wharton School of Philadelphia. Amongst the very inspiring professors that we had the pleasure of learning from in Philadelphia, we should mention legendary Jerry Wind, C.K. Prahalad, Mauro Guillen, Mike Useem, Paul Shoemaker, Tom Donaldson, and Jeremy Rifkin. Apart from providing insights from world-leading professors and thinkers, the program facilitated networking and challenging of the mental models across the different sectors represented.

These programs at INSEAD and The Wharton School made us built one of the most powerful networks of educated, Scandinavian top decision makers in the world. We are humbly proud to serve.