Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Network Strategies

Mapping business opportunities within Healthcare in DK and US

Innovation Center Denmark (ICDK) in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley hosted an international conference on The Future of Health Innovation on October 26-27 2010 aiming at bridging DK and US market opportunities within the healthcare sector.

The vision is that Denmark can become an even stronger development and test market for new technologies in cooperation with Californian stakeholders in health, and that the collaboration can open new market opportunities for Danish solutions as well.

As part of the conference program LinKS Advice conducted networkbased opportunity mapping identifying views among theconference participants on high potential areas and critical barriers specifically for the future Danish-Californian Healthcare collaboration.

The result of the survey was presented by ICDK Executive Director Camilla Rygaard Hjalsted as part of the panel debate at the conference.

Strategy development on network and stakeholder management at the Innovation Center Demnark

As part of a new competence development initiative at the Innovation Center Denmark (ICDK) in Palo Alto, LinKS Advice has conducted a strategy workshop focusing on network and stakeholder management for all office staff members.

The workshop goals was to identify collective stakeholder overview, to discuss value of knowledge sharing across units in ICDK, and to identify potential implications for ICDK.

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