The Embassy of Denmark hosts LinKSlabs Scandinavia

October 17, 2018


The Embassy of Denmark hosts LinKSlabs Scandinavia

Visit at the Danish Embassy_bw

On September 14 our top executive governance program was kindly hosted by Danish Embassy in Washington D.C. The visit was part of the LinKS@Wharton program, which took place between 13-18 September 2015.  It was an honour and a pleasure to be welcomed by such an exclusive host.

The program began with a welcome from Ambassador Lars Lose who gave a comprehensive overview of the current challenges and opportunities facing the Danish Foreign Service in the US, as well as perspectives from a new ambassador on how current methods might be enriched.

Retired Vice Admiral John Cotton from the US Navy gave a presentation on “the World Outlook – the Bigger Picture” in which he questioned how we think about the security threats of today and pushed the executives to take part in a discussion on how we look at the world.

Dane and Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics Jacob Funk Kierkegaard gave the next presentation in which he provided the participants with a thorough understanding of the US economy and current political outlook.


Read more about our day at the Danish Embassy on the Embassy’s website or in the pdf attached.