The Great Danish Board Conference 2016

October 17, 2018


The Great Danish Board Conference 2016

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The Great Danish Board Conference 2016 (Den Store Danske Bestyrelseskonference) took place on March, 2, 2016,  at the Moltke’s Mansion (Moltkes Palæ) in Copenhagen.

The year’s theme was “The Global Capability Gap on Boards – board work when the whole world is a customer, supplier and competitor,” and focused on the global reality that all boards in both large and small companies have to deal with.

Amongst the speakers at the event, there were:
– Michael Treschow, Chairman, Unilever
– Eivind Kolding, CEO, Novo A / S
– Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman, Carlsberg
– Jorma Eloranta, Chairman, Neste
– Barbara Kux, member of the Board of Henkel, Total, GDF Suez, Firmenich and Umicore
– Tommy Pedersen, CEO, Augustinus Foundation
– Søren Johansen, Managing Partner, Altor
– Andrew Kakabadse, Professor, Henley Business School

Mette Laursen, LinKSlabs’ Founder and CEO was also a speaker at this event.

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