About us

LinKSlabs – Leadership in the Knowledge Society – creates unique arenas for insights to inspire, challenge and redefine the top executives’ strategic agenda. And share it globally.

LinKS Scandinavia has a well-proven track record, with large influence built through more than a decade with a customer base of more than 1000 top executives.

Our strength is a unique alliance of Scandinavian top executives and directors across sectors, and world class knowledge, delivered by world class business schools – The Wharton School, INSEAD, Howard, MIT, etc. – within governance, strategy, and leadership.

The combination of alliances and knowledge curated to the finest detail has resulted in a actionable network. Orchestrated with the greatest respect possible for the individual link. Therefore LinKslabs can reach out on any challenge and solve it via our value network. The result is constructive influence on decisions across the private, public, and political sectors in Scandinavia and hubs around the world. A unique and trusted educational arena for insights to inspire, challenge, and redefine the top executives’ strategic agenda. And share it globally through regional collaboration.

Linkslabs é un’azienda danese che lavora principalmente con diversi tipi di strategie in stretta relazione con il business e diplomazia. Ció significa che Linkslabs ha la responsabilità di creare un’ampia gamma di programmi. Per elencarne alcuni programmi di investimento, culturali e di innovazione.
Inoltre, Mette Laursen, Linkslabs’ CEO, funge da presidente per diverse iniziative e organizzazioni.
Linkslabs si é affermato in Italia già da molti anni, maggiormente a Milano e Bologna.

How to join our network?

If you are a top executive or non-executive director and want to explore our services, please contact us at info@linkslabs.com. Over the last decade, we have had many top executives on board our programmes, i.e. the top management of Boeing, Grundfos, Ikea, Hennes & Mauritz, and many other Scandinavian and global organisations.

To get a notion of LinKS, watch the video below (duration 1 min):