Our mission:
We work to drive change by challenging the norm. By inspiring, and redefining the strategies of top-decision makers, we are able to react to the changes in the world appropriately.

What do we do?
LinKS serves as a connector/intermediary between global challenges and LinKS affiliates to co-create and develop innovative strategic solutions.

Our Network:
LinKS has served as the connector between education, leadership, and change. Over 1,500 top executives have attended The Wharton School through LinKS, building a network of intellectuals who face similar challenges. Through this network, we have built a community across private-, public-, and political sectors who aspire to solve issues as a collective force of change.

A network is only as good as it can realize strategic mandates. Our members have the knowledge and ability to ensure the mandates for change and set new strategies for the world. We tap into our network to co-create and ideate with LinKS Alumni, relevant professors, and knowledge providers to provide knowledge and change on a global scale.

Though the core of our network consists of Wharton alumni, the future of the LinKS community relies on expanding our network and using our shared knowledge to continuously inspire change. The community gathers regularly to address new challenges. Referred to as one of the most influential, knowledge-based networks in Scandinavia.


Klerkegade 2A st. th. 1308 Copenhagen K.

Email: info@linkslabs.com
Phone: +45 7026 7575
CVR: 21685607

LinKS creates unique arenas for insights to inspire, challenge, and redefine the top executives’ strategic agenda. And share it globally. With strategy as the core, LinKS creates connections across the private, public, and political sector in Scandinavia and hubs around the world
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