An alliance of top decision makers across in Scandinavia reaching out to the globe
LinKS creates unique arenas for insights to inspire, challenge and redefine the top executives' strategic agenda into: LinKS creates unique arenas for insights to inspire, challenge and redefine the top decision makers' strategic agenda.

Through one generation, LinKS has built a trusted communion across sectors aspiring to solve challenges, which only can be resolved collectively.  

LinKS designs, orchestrates and realises strategic mandates for both private businesses and public organisations within leadership, innovation, organisational development, and business strategy development.
Our advice is always delivered in co-creation with LinKS Alumni, relevant professors, and knowledge providers on a global scale.

LinKS Alumni Network.

More than 1,500 top executives have attended our leadership programmes. These top executives represent the LinKS community together with our connections to more than 100 thought leaders and visionaries from all over the world. Across private, public and political sectors. The community gathers regularly to solve new challenges. Referred to as one of the most influential, knowledge based networks in Scandinavia. Two decades of solid experience within leadership, strategy, decision making, and alliances across sectors.

The world’s leading business schools, thought leaders, and knowledge providers are LinKS’ sparring partners in the design process and execution of our leadership programmes. The core of our portfolio consists of LinKS@Wharton – the top executive leadership programme, NEXT in Line – the programme for aspiring executives, customised corporate programmes, and LinKS Advice.


Address: BLOX, Bryghuspladsen, 1473 Copenhagen K.

Phone: +45 7026 7575
CVR: 21685607

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LinKS creates unique arenas for insights to inspire, challenge, and redefine the top executives’ strategic agenda. And share it globally. With strategy as the core, LinKS creates connections across the private, public, and political sector in Scandinavia and hubs around the world.
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