Global Corporate Redesign 
Digital technology transformation ahead.

Turning around Volkwagen R&D for the Future

The Volkswagen Group is the world’s leading automobile manufacturer and thereby one of the most influencial European corporates. What obligation does that hold? And where will mobilizing the world’s transportation system to new power solutions take us?

What is the strategy?

One thing’s for certain: the entire business world is in a period of profound transformation. The digitisation of all branches of the economy is the driver of this change – and in the case of the automotive industry, e-mobility is an additional element that is challenging car manufacturers. The Volkswagen Group is pressing ahead with modernization and digitisation. On the one hand, within the company, primarily in the administration but also in production. On the other hand, in the entire industry, through collaborations and inclusion of suppliers.

LinKS community co-creation and questionmaking

An Executive Strategic Knowledge ride with special guest, then CTO dr. Ulrich Eichhorn of Volkswagen was invited to bring insights into global technology business, e-mobility and governance on a global scale. Dr Eichhorn showed the courage of an intense fireside interview and panel on the burning questions. This tradition in LinKS of following up and executing change is a long lived simple matter of knowledge – and trust. Organisations from the Volkswagen Group such as Lamborghini have on one side seen the power of co-creation through LinKS combined with the respect for the extreme engineering and on the other side the obvious need for change into the new patterns of the world. Woth the advise of LinKS alumni. Proud to serve an overall purpose of creating brilliant corporates. In tune with the world.


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