The world is dramatically changing

2007 was the first time in human history when more people lived in urban than in rural areas, and the UN projects that 68% of the world’s population, or 9.5 billions people will live in urban spaces by 2050.

This may lead to unacceptable conditions for humans and an excessive overload on resources on the planet.

Rapid urbanisation will pose unprecedented challenges for governments, businesses and cities in terms fulfilling new sustainable demands for clean energy, fair housing, mobility, employment, elder care, accessible and quality healthcare as well as education etc.

Time is now for changing this route

Positioning BLOX as the global destination for tomorrow’s sustainable solutions in the built environment for increased quality of life.

What is BLOX?
BLOX is part of Copenhagen’s cultural circuit of venues focused on the new urban economy. BLOX promotes sustainable urban development and thus forms the setting for activities aimed at the general public as well as more narrowly defined professional networks through the Danish Architecture Center, the Danish Design Center and Bloxhub – and the building is owned by Realdania.

Realdania is a foundation which supports goals to create quality of life for all through the built environment. The Realdania Foundation is the size of the Rockefeller in the built environment managing appr. 3 billion Euros which makes it the largest of its kind worldwide.

What is BLOX Global?
BLOX Global facilitates and promotes global visits, events and cross functional projects for Danish Architecture Center, Danish Design Center and Bloxhub.

BLOX Global is the embassy for BLOX, supporting BLOX as the global destination for sustainable urban solutions to increase quality of life and community enhancement.

As decision makers in the urban game of business, governance and innovation, time has come to rethink decisions. We have invited Professor George Day, The Wharton School to reflect on vigilant leadership from BLOX:

This Year’s Event for Top Diplomats, The BLOX Annual Signature Event, Building Urban Life of Tomorrow – Citizens on the Move in Uncertainty on Sept. 1st 2020.

More info soon


Address: BLOX, Bryghuspladsen, 1473 Copenhagen K.

Phone: +45 7026 7575
CVR: 21685607

Photos by:
Suzanne Lassen
Krestenhillerup Foto
Fuse Brussels
Francois Gagnon

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