Leading the Presidents of the Danish Courts
Photo by Krestenhillerup Foto

Governance as Fundamental Theme

LinKS has had the honor of creating a learning experience for governance, leadership and courage with the Danish Presidents of Courts. From the Supreme Court to the Regional Courts covering the country we co-created a new positioning and ambition for the worlds’ most well governed courts. This ambition is only possible if executed in co-creation by stating new perspectives and insights that challenges these Presidents of Courts to strive beyond the present. 

Being the Leading Country in the World on Governance

The diversified group of presidents thereby designed a leadership future to encompass developments in society as well and personal progression for their employees. Setting the bar for the rest of the world is a challenge. The significant character of these presidents of courts is their humble attitude to own achievements. Serving to their purpose.

Taking in New Perspectives

This was an ultimate challenge for LinKS that was played out by inserting complete adjacent experiences and inspirations to challenge existing mental models. As always, this has been done in close collaboration with the LinKS Network across all sectors. LinKS has through 20 years played the underlying melody of good governance and the LinKS alumni have responded with the most ambitious strategies as have the Presidents of Courts.


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