The Future of Europe
Collective Alliances

The Future of Europe

Invented in Copenhagen, belonging to Europe. We draw wisdom from the past by standing on the shoulders of giants who collectively built Europe and the European Union in respect for human life, citizenship and transparent governance. With this in mind, we join forces with fellow Europeans to humbly take our responsibility to help shape the Future of Europe.

And share globally.

LinKS strives to set agendas on building Europe and the European Union. Our aim is to drive new perspectives on growth challenges and societal frameworks in the light of corporate opportunities and building citizen life progress.

Bruxelles Turning Point

Women as speakers in Bruxelles to Top Executives of Leading Global Corporates in Europe to discuss opportunities and challenges on ‘Leadership of Tomorrow’s Europe’.

Leadership is to create followership, to show courage and be respectful. To be useful.


Address: BLOX, Bryghuspladsen, 1473 Copenhagen K.

Phone: +45 7026 7575
CVR: 21685607

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Suzanne Lassen
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Francois Gagnon

LinKS creates unique arenas for insights to inspire, challenge, and redefine the top executives’ strategic agenda. And share it globally. With strategy as the core, LinKS creates connections across the private, public, and political sector in Scandinavia and hubs around the world.
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