Governance and Strategy: LinKSlabs@Wharton 2014

October 18, 2018


Governance and Strategy: LinKSlabs@Wharton 2014


It is a pleasure to launch LINKS’ next top executive program at the Wharton School in Philadelphia for directors and board members.

We leave for Washington and Philadelphia, 14-19 Sept 2014

LinKS and The Wharton 070-336 School offer carefully designed, unique education as well as solutions for strategic challenges on a global scale. The Wharton School is one of the world’s leading business schools, and LinKS is the only certified provider of Wharton programs in Scandinavia.

The program casino jameshallison concerns Governance & Strategy – Dynamic Strategies in a Global Perspective, and its purpose is to challenge the framework for mental models in executive and board positions for optimal value creation. You probably know most of what you need to know about governance and strategy! How can you challenge your 070-341 mental model one step further and investigate the change of the mental model and framework itself?

Programme Key Points:

  • Strategy Creation
  • New Governance Structures and Committees
  • Cross Sectoral Alliances and Business Structures
  • Leading Global Business


To ensure challenges, the group of participants is combined across the private, public, and political sectors.

See more here and contact us if interested in hearing more.