Data Policy – Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for our LinKS Privacy Policy

LinKS is a private company that offers executive programs at the world’s leading business schools. Additionally, LinKS offers strategic consulting, events/conferences and executive coaching. On the basis of this, LinKS has developed a wide-ranging network of alumni, business partners and other stakeholders (“LinKS Network”). In order to drive and maintain the LinKS’ network, LinKS collects, processes and stores relevant personal data of previous, current and potential customers that enables LinKS to offer our services.

LinKS is responsible for controlling your personal data – how to contact us?

Contact information

LinKS Labs
Klerkegade 2A, ground floor to the right, 1308 Copenhagen K, Denmark
CVR-number: 21685607
Phone number: +45 70267575
Email address:

Basic understanding of Terms and Conditions

  • In these terms and conditions (the “Terms”) any reference to “LinKS” shall mean LinKS ApS (CVR-number 21685607).
  • Services provided by LinKS may comprise processing of personal data. All such processing will be made in accordance with our privacy policy, unless otherwise is expressly stated. You can find the privacy policy below.
    To continue being a part of the LinKS network you accept and undertake to follow these terms and conditions which constitute a binding agreement (“Agreement”) between LinKS and you.
  • A customer of LinKS is defined as a person who accepts these conditions and has received LinKS services and/or is interested in LinKS activities.

The LinKS Website

Basic understanding

This privacy policy explains how, when and why your personal data is being processed by LinKS. LinKS is the data controller any personal data and other information you provide when using LinKS always process personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) as well as any national legislation, regulations etc. applicable to the processing of personal data. Your rights to privacy and integrity are important to us and we are therefore cautious with handling your personal data and thrive to limit the processing only to information that is required in order to perform our services to you.

The purpose of the website is to process and potentially approve your request to signing up to programs, events, coaching or other services offered by LinKS.

Terms of processing and storage
  • LinKS will process your name and contact information including email address and phone number.
  • Your personal data is only collected if you enter your information on the website to sign up for LinKS services.
  • LinKS stores your personal data until our evaluation of your application has been completed. In case of approval, LinKS stores your personal data into our customer relationship management system (“the database”) and thus LinKS’ privacy policies on storage applies (see below).


  • LinKS applies Cookiebot as third party provider to ensure the website is compliant with GDPR regulations. Cookiebot performs four fundamental functions: 1) automated cookie scan and declaration, 2) cookie consent banner, 3) cookie repository and 4) cookie control API. For more information, please use Cookiebot’s website

Purchasing services from LinKS

The purpose of the website

As described under “Privacy Policy”, LinKS offers executive programs, strategic consulting, events/conferences and executive coaching. The purpose is to process and store your personal data is to continue offering our services to you and keep you in the LinKS network.

Terms for processing and storage
  • For the purposes stated in this privacy policy, LinKS will process your name, contact information (including email address, work adress and phone number) in order to contact you as a former, current and/or potential customer as part of the LinKS network.
  • Contact with you includes newsletters, invitations to exclusive events/conferences and/or keep you informed about LinKS’ latest activities.
  • When purchasing executive coaching, LinKS’ Data Processing Agreement with LinKS’ Executive Coach applies. The Data Processing Agreement explicitly states under which circumstances and for what purpose LinKS’ Executive Coach is allowed to process and store your personal data.
  • During our executive programs, conferences and other events, photos of you might be collected and used in LinKS’ newsletter, official web page, Facebook, LinkedIn or other media platforms. The purpose of this is to share LinKS activities with the rest of the network and to share insights created by the network.
  • The above named purposes are examples and the use of personal data are conditioned upon receiving your explicit consent to the processing.
  • LinKS perceives consent to be given if you approach LinKS via the following conditions: 1) you provide your personal data when contacting LinKS through our official website/LinKS’ official Facebook and LinkedIn profile, and/or contact LinKS through online available email-address and phone number, 2) you provide your personal data when introduced to LinKS by a person with relations to LinKS i.e. alumni/customer/partner of LinKS, and 3) you personally provide your business card to LinKS management/employee/executive coach upon  meeting, 4) you have been appointed by LinKS entity i.e. Advisory Board or Team to qualify for an invitation by LinKS and therefore receive a personal and exclusive invitation from LinKS.
  • Only under these conditions are your actions perceived to show specific interest in purchasing LinKS services and/or to become involved in the LinKS Network, thus agreeing with our Terms. LinKS will only process your personal data for as long as you consent to it, and only for as long as necessary for LinKS stated purposes (please read Privacy Policy above).
  • LinKS stores your personal data in our database to update and contact you in order to operate the LinKS network and provide our services effectively for the benefit of you.
  • LinKS only stores necessary information to contact you and keep you connected to LinKS network.
  • Only LinKS staff and close partners with LinKS that has a Data Processing Agreement with LinKS are allowed to collect, edit and store your personal information.

Your rights to extract, correct, erase etc your personal data

  • You have the right to obtain an extract of the information LinKS holds about you. If you want to obtain such a statement, or if you wish to correct information or data, object to, or restrict a certain processing of your data, you are welcome to contact LinKS on LinKS will also assist you, if requested to the aforementioned e-mail address, with the deletion of all information regarding your personal data. However, please be aware that if you ask to delete all information from your user account you will no longer be able to receive or participate in LinKS activities.


Updates on LinKS Privacy Policy

  • This privacy policy may be updated without prior notice.