What is BLOX?

BLOX is a national and international gathering place that engages people in architecture, design, and sustainable urban development through exhibitions, events, business development, and new partnerships.


The BLOX building hosts influential companies and organizations that address challenges in the built environment: the Danish Architecture Center, Danish Design Center, and Bloxhub. BLOX was built as a part of the philanthropic association Realdania.

Why are LinKS@BLOX?
Together with BLOX, LinKS will address rapid urbanization as one of the main global challenges. The year 2007 marked the first time in human history where more people lived in urban areas than in rural areas – and the UN predicts that 68% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050.

Rapid urbanization exacerbates current challenges for governments, businesses, and cities in their demand for sustainable clean energy, fair housing, mobility, accessible and quality healthcare, and much more. This new reality is posing a threat to the well-being of not only humans but also of the planet.

Since rapid urbanization intersects and touches upon a myriad of industry sectors from energy, infrastructure, construction to tech, design, and architecture, LinKS will use its network to strategically redefine alliances across the public-, private-, and political sectors to take global action in the urban built environment for quality of life.

How are BLOX and LinKS collaborating?
With BLOX’s unique position as a national gathering place and LinKS’ extensive network, we have collaborated to create and manage BLOX Global. BLOX Global facilitates and promotes global summits, delegations, events, and cross-functional projects between Ambassadors to Denmark, the Danish Architecture Center, Danish Design Center, Bloxhub, and the world.


Klerkegade 2A st. th. 1308 Copenhagen K.

Email: info@linkslabs.com
Phone: +45 7026 7575
CVR: 21685607

LinKS creates unique arenas for insights to inspire, challenge, and redefine the top executives’ strategic agenda. And share it globally. With strategy as the core, LinKS creates connections across the private, public, and political sector in Scandinavia and hubs around the world
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