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A trusted alliance of +1000 top decision-makers in Denmark across public, private, and civic sectors. We all shared the LinKS learning platform and education.  
LinKS mobilizes influential individuals, organization, and nations at the highest diplomatic level to drive change. Founded in 1999.
Europe@LinKS fosters a foundation for building a strong and competitive alliance for global success. Europe is the starting point for Our future. 

LinKS serves the purpose of constructing the necessary alliances  by uniting people and co-creating strategies with an impactful edge.

Our Europe

In 2023 LinKS moved focus to Europe and beyond to find the anchors of European alliances on a global measurement of ambition. Politics, science, business, and societies as a whole is the collaboration model. To impact mindsets and generate results. 

New Missions

Brussels will serve as a new starting point in our LinKS missions. For the last three years LinKS has been a trusted partner and facilitator at European Business Summit’s (EBS) annual flagship event hosting +2,000 participants and high-level speakers.

At the moment, LinKS is partnering with EBS on the efforts of building a world-leading Europe in quantum computing and life sciences. This will make a difference for future generations and is open for all to explore with us.

Together with the EU commission, corporations, and organizations, LinKS mobilizes and leads mandates and delegations in Brussels and Copenhagen to share insights between businesses and regulators on how to progress our societies in a manner of good behaviour.

With The Power of Visionary Leadership 

– have we educated our country’s decision-makers.

Through 25 years, we have built a knowledge base with the world-leading business schools and our community. At present, we are partnering with Professor George Day of The Wharton School to mobilize vigilant leadership in cities. 

LinKS has been the proud first mover to point out the the necessity of educating political and public leadership alongside the private sector at esteemed global business schools, such as The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and INSEAD. 

Today, LinKS partners with Professor George Day of The Wharton School.
Professor Day is best known for the ‘outside-in’ strategy with Paul Schoemaker, who introduced Vigilance Leadership in Harvard Business Review (2008) and MIT Press (2019) as competitive characteristics of successful leadership in organisations.

The reasoning behind LinKS came from our insights from all sectors and the potential quantum leaps that we all could gain from cross sector magnitude. This has been acknowledged as a groundbreaking initiative of development on a national level.

Trusted Circles

LinKS works in trusted circles and open innovation in conjunction. Numerous cases have been solved by combining the powers of the network and the creation process of new ways to go forward have been decided.

In synergy, LinKS spark solutions, shaping transformative paths ahead.

In alliances, we push forward complex strategic agendas standing up for:

The Diplomatic Corps to Denmark

LinKS engages with respect and trust with the foreign diplomats to the Kingdom of Denmark. We strive to find a seamless exchange of insights and expertise. 

This collaborative approach not only strengthens diplomatic relations but also fosters mutual understanding and impactful engagements. Through its strong partnerships with diverse foreign embassies, LinKS reinforces international cooperation, promoting shared missions and diplomatic synergy.

Solutions for a Sustainable Life

BLOX: Build Back Circular 2021
As the world population grows and livelihoods improve, more people turn their attention from simply getting by to aiming for a higher quality of life. Circularity is probably the most challenging condition underlying a sustainable future life. It is about designing without waste, re-use and understanding the system as a whole. On this occasion Ambassadors to Denmark ambissiously presented circular solutions from their cites in europe.
To learn more about circularity please follow this link

BLOX Global

We practice what we preach.

LinKS has from 2018-2022 hostet Blox Global: an embassy for BLOX, on behalf of Realdania to build partnerships through the diplomatic corps to Denmark and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Blox Global has facilitated and curated events for top decision-makers and ambassadors like  #BuildBackBetter, #BuildBackCircular, #ARoomofOnesOwn. 

Sustainable Transition

The challenge of transforming and designing new business models enhancing the competitive positions for tomorrow’s automobile industry.

The Volkswagen Case
Orchestrated by LinKS, CTO Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn unfolded VW’s electrification strategy followed by the need to re-orchestrate its global R&D employing 46.000 engineers and scientists.
The Lamborghini Case
LinKS has for years done co-creative strategic consulting to i.e. Lamborghini’s R&D leadership team in Bologna. Major and severe questions about sustainable design principles and the application of technical competencies has been a scenario for the future of many R&D departments. Time has come for enourmous change.

The Co-Creation

The LinKS way of doing business.

LinKS has more than a decade of solid experience in strategy, executive education, and alliances across sectors.
Our advice is always delivered in co-creation with LinKS Alumni, relevant professors, and knowledge providers on a global scale.

Women Forward

LinKS promotes #WomenForward in all missions, also on #InternationalWomensDay

Our focus is on women’s representation in top-decision positions influencing our future.

We do this by showcasing female courage and executive decision power. Nothing less! Both in Denmark, Scandinavia and globally.
This mission lies close to the heart of the LinKS Founder, Mette (Mellie) Laursen who has also been appointed as Judge for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Award, served as chair and headed global missions for society and business as well as leading initiatives of establishing women in top positions and executives, chairs and board members.

A Global Call for Investing in Our Future: CO-LinKS

LinKS calls for a global effort to provide a worldwide web for the major sustainability challenges. CO-LinKS  curate content and land actionable investments to provide real impact on people’s lives and the condition of the planet. This programme is founded together with the diplomatic corps to denmark and our knowledge alliances.

Embassies have co-created a beginning of experimentation with us, taking this project further as an alliance in building an global investment funnel and later fund.

Co-LinKS start was on 1 January 2023.

LinKs visiting offices are at BLOX, BLOXhub, 3rd floor. 

About: Mette Laursen

Purpose, profit and people. Those are my keywords. For more than a decade, I have orchestrated co-creative strategy across sectors, management, and non-executive boards.


Chevalier de l’ordre de la Couronne du Royaume de Belgique
The Order of the Crown to the Kingdom of Belgium

The Order of the Crown to the Kingdom of Belgium

LinKS, Hugo Sato, Suzanne Lassen and Christina McKee Hjelmsø
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